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Balazs Dianiska
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Post by Balazs Dianiska » April 24 2007

Hi everyone,

I apologize to start my CosmoCoffee presence with advertising, I do it in the hope to receive some feedback, criticism on my website, marvin, and on total it is going to be a contribution to the astro* professional web rather than an n+1th website.

I tried to use modern techniques such as tagging, or display on google maps for conferences, positions, with the aim to provide better search capability and overview on events than it is now available. By providing a newsfeed you dont even have to check the website, its enough if you subscribe via a newsreader, capable mail program, or your browser, and you'll see the newest posts without klicking.

And its much better than other sites, because marvin has PhDcomics integrated.

According to my experiences at research places like in Amsterdam, Utrecht, or Budapest, the generally accepted, and known way to let others know about events, positions is the word of mouth, institute mailing lists. I wanted to change this, this is why I created the site.

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