[gr-qc/0511160] Indications for a preferred reference frame from an ether-drift experiment

Authors:  M. Consoli, E. Costanzo
Abstract:  We present a fully model-independent analysis of the extensive observations reported by a recent ether-drift experiment in Berlin. No a priori assumption is made on the nature of a hypothetical preferred frame. We find a remarkable consistency with an Earth's cosmic motion exhibiting an average declination angle |\gamma|\sim 43^o and with values of the RMS anisotropy parameter (1/2-\beta+\delta) that are one order of magnitude larger than the presently quoted ones. This might represent the first modern indication for a preferred frame and for a non-zero anisotropy of the speed of light.
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[gr-qc/0511160] Indications for a preferred reference frame

Post by Garth Antony Barber » December 01 2005

Any comments?

It seems that papers like these need either refuting, or the experiment replicated. The unsatisfactory position is when such heterodox papers are just given the 'silent treatment'.

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