[CAMB] Adjust omage lambda in python wrapper

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Hadi Sotoudeh
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[CAMB] Adjust omage lambda in python wrapper

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I am using CAMB's Python wrapper, and I need to adjust the value of the dark energy density parameter, assuming it is in the form of a cosmological constant ([math]). I have two questions:

1) Is the value of [math] deduced using the following formula?


If not, what is the formula to deduce [math] from CAMB inputs? Here, [math] are the density parameters of CDM, baryons, and massive neutrinos, respectively. [math]. Also, [math].

2) Let's say I would like to run CAMB with the following parameter combinations:
  1. Flat Universe, with a specific [math] value, say 0.34.
  2. Curved Universe, with the same density parameters as [math]CDM but a non-zero curvature.
  3. Curved Universe, with no cosmological constant ([math]) and a non-zero curvature.
What values should be passed to camb.set_params() for the following arguments: ombh2, omch2, omnuh2, omk. Are there any other arguments that need to be set?

Thank you very much for your time and attention! 💐
Antony Lewis
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Re: [CAMB] Adjust omage lambda in python wrapper

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Yes, you need to also pass H0 or thetastar.
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