[Getdist] Setting limits on z axis (colorbar) for plot_3d

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Subhajit Ghosh
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[Getdist] Setting limits on z axis (colorbar) for plot_3d

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I am trying to make a 3D color bar plot (using plot_3d) with parameters x,y, and z where z is the parameter on the colorbar. I can set limits on x and y using the `lims' argument. However, I could not find a way to set limits on z in the plot.

Specifically, I am only trying to plot samples where z>z* where z* is some parameter value of interest.

Is this at all possible to do in plot_3d? Any ideas on how to implement this neatly will be appreciated (manually selecting chain points with z>z* is always an option. Looking for something tidier.).

I tried adding a derived parameter zm where I set zm lower limit to z* using 'range'. However, very surprisingly, the 3D plot of x,y, and zm does not respect the boundary of zm set by range in the addDerived stage. It looks identical to the 3D plot of x,y, and z. However, plot_1d of zm does follow the modified boundary.

Thanks in advance.

Antony Lewis
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Re: [Getdist] Setting limits on z axis (colorbar) for plot_3d

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range is just used to inform the density estimator of known prior ranges, it does not cut the data.

You need to filter the samples, or follow e.g. bog 24 of the examples.
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