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CMB Research Fellow - CLASS/CAMB specialist at the University of Ottawa, Canada

Posted: February 27 2024
by Rajendra Gupta
We are looking for a specialist with a Ph.D. degree and extensive experience involving the development and use of codes for studying CMB anisotropy power spectrum. You will be expected to adapt a well-tested CMB code, e.g., CLASS or CAMB, to a new cosmological model based on evolutionary coupling constants as detailed in MNRAS 524, 3385 (2023) and 2401.09483 You must have a thorough understanding of the physics behind these codes and also how the physics is coded in order to modify the code for the new model. An additional objective will be to test the model with BBN and LSS. The research done will be of a level acceptable for publication in top-tier journals.

Apply with a detailed resume, including publications and contact of two references, to Prof. Rajendra Gupta at

The fellowship stipend is up to CA$ 5,000 per month at present. You will be eligible for the University of Ottawa employee benefits when resident in Ottawa, Canada.

Up to two years.

ASAP. You may work remotely and part-time until your paperwork is completed to join the University of Ottawa in Canada.