Cobaya : Failed to import clik

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Paul Shah
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Cobaya : Failed to import clik

Post by Paul Shah » August 04 2020

I'm attempting to install Cobaya inside the CosmoBox environment (where I'm running CosmoMC), installed on Windows10. Standard installation ran OK apart from Planck likelihoods : CosmoBox gcc is version 7.4.0, but it fails the test build. I've consulted but can't diagnose the issue (or workaround using make).

Suggestions much appreciated!

Here is the cobaya-install output :

Code: Select all

Failed to import clik
Failed to import clik
[planck_2018_lowl.TT] Installing the clik code.
[clik] Installing pre-requisites...
Requirement already satisfied: cython in /home/ubuntu/miniconda/envs/cosmobox-environment/lib/python3.7/site-packages (0.29.14)
Requirement already satisfied: astropy in /home/ubuntu/miniconda/envs/cosmobox-environment/lib/python3.7/site-packages (4.0.1.post1)
Requirement already satisfied: numpy>=1.16 in /home/ubuntu/miniconda/envs/cosmobox-environment/lib/python3.7/site-packages (from astropy) (1.17.4)
[clik] Downloading...
[clik] Downloaded filename /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/COM_Likelihood_Code-v3.0_R3.01.tar.gz
[clik] Installing from directory /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01
[clik] Patching origin of cfitsio
[clik] Configuring... (and maybe installing dependencies...)
Setting top to                           : /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01 
Setting out to                           : /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01/build 
Checking for program 'gcc, cc'           : /usr/bin/gcc 
Checking for program 'ar'                : /usr/bin/ar 
Check gcc version                        : 7.4.0 
Compile a test code with gcc             : gcc not found(cause : [Errno 26] Text file busy: 'testbuild') 
icc not found (cause : Could not find the program ['icc', 'ICL']
(complete log in /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01/build/config.log)) 
No suitable c compiler found (cause: '[Errno 26] Text file busy: 'testbuild'') 

The configuration failed
(complete log in /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01/build/config.log)

[clik] *ERROR* Configuration failed!
[planck_2018_lowl.TT] *WARNING* clik code installation failed! Try configuring+compiling by hand at /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck
[install] *ERROR* Installation failed! Look at the error messages above. Solve them and try again, or, if you are unable to solve, install the packages required by this component manually.
And the relevant part of the log file :

Code: Select all

Checking for program 'ar'
find program=['ar'] paths=['/home/ubuntu/miniconda/envs/cosmobox-environment/bin', '/hom$
Check gcc version
Compile a test code with gcc
#include <stdio.h>
main() {fprintf(stderr,"hello world");}

[1/2] Compiling build/.conf_check_398006935ef719e229abbcca78580c37/test.c

['/usr/bin/gcc', '../test.c', '-c', '-o/vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01$
err: ../test.c:2:1: warning: return type defaults to ‘int’ [-Wimplicit-int]
 main() {fprintf(stderr,"hello world");}

[2/2] Linking build/.conf_check_398006935ef719e229abbcca78580c37/testbuild/testprog

['/usr/bin/gcc', 'test.c.1.o', '-o/vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01/buil$
find program=['icc', 'ICL'] paths=['/home/ubuntu/miniconda/envs/cosmobox-environment/bin$
from /vagrant/Cobaya/code/planck/code/plc_3.0/plc-3.01: Could not find the program ['icc$
find program=['clang'] paths=['/home/ubuntu/miniconda/envs/cosmobox-environment/bin', '/$
['/home/ubuntu/miniconda/envs/cosmobox-environment/bin/clang', '-dM', '-E', '-']
out: #define _LP64 1
thanks in advance,

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