How to implement custom data in Cosmomc?

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George Alestas
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How to implement custom data in Cosmomc?

Post by George Alestas » September 03 2019

Hi everyone,

My goal is to implement some new data in cosmomc. In particular, I wish to include the growth data that have been presented in this paper (Table II) with the corresponding covariance matrix (Eq. ([math])). However, I'm not sure how to do that. I have found in the readme file of cosmomc an implementation of fgas data with some basic commands and some modified files. Even though the data are probably obsolete in the newest version are these the "usual" commands for adding a new set of data? What is, in general, the practice when one enters a new dataset or modifies the existing one?

Thank you in advance!

Antony Lewis
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Re: How to implement custom data in Cosmomc?

Post by Antony Lewis » September 04 2019

For simple f*sigma8 constraint, you can just make a new bao .dataset file - e.g see how the other provided BAO data are formatted.

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