problm in powr spctrum

Use of Healpix, camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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Asma Alaei
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problm in powr spctrum

Post by Asma Alaei » April 13 2019

I have a quastion I will be grateful if someone answers my question. I want to insert a lambert w function in power spectrum .in fact i want to change power spctrum for an inflationary model and i do not know how do this? should i define lambert w function above and call it in power spectrum in powertilt file or another way is better??
thank you

Antony Lewis
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Re: problm in powr spctrum

Post by Antony Lewis » April 13 2019

The example notebook shows an example of how to calculate CMB spectrum with a custom primordial power spectrum function from python (without changing the fortran):

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