problem about getdist margestats

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Duke Deng
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problem about getdist margestats

Post by Duke Deng » January 28 2019

I have a problem when using getdist to get .margestats file of my chain. The samples of one my parameter gather at one side in the 1D marginalized density plot. However, when I get the .margestats file, the mean(4.09) of this parameter is larger than its upper1(3.97). I wonder if it is normal in getdist? Under what circumstances will this happen? Thanks a lot !
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Antony Lewis
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Re: problem about getdist margestats

Post by Antony Lewis » January 28 2019

Anything sufficiently skewed can have a mean larger than a 1 sigma upper confidence limit. Even a half Gaussian has mean at the 60% limit.

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