evolving dark energy in camb python

Use of Cobaya. camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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Gabriele Parimbelli
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evolving dark energy in camb python

Post by Gabriele Parimbelli » November 07 2018

Good evening,

I couldn't find this topic anywhere else, sorry if it has already been discussed.

I am using CAMB version August 2018. I want to compute the linear matter power spectrum in a w0-wa cosmology.
This is possible by compiling with "EQUATIONS=equations_ppf" and then set 'w' and 'wa' parameters in the paramfile.

I don't see how I can do it from the Python wrapper. I only found the routine "camb.model.set_dark_energy()", which can only deal with a constant parameter of state (i.e. I can set w0 to any value I want but wa=0 default). Is it possible in fact?



Antony Lewis
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Re: evolving dark energy in camb python

Post by Antony Lewis » November 08 2018

Use the "devel" branch of camb on github, this has full python support for switching dark energy models and setting general $w(z)$, see the docs.

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