CosmoMC: varying nt

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Ira *Wolfson
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CosmoMC: varying n_t

Post by Ira *Wolfson » December 13 2017


I am having a problem, maybe it's conceptual.

When I am trying to vary nt, for some reason I have to set

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inflation_consistency = F
Why is that?

The error message is the following:

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 Error: inflation_consistency but nt not set to zero
Thanks a bunch

– Ira

Antony Lewis
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Re: CosmoMC: varying n_t

Post by Antony Lewis » December 14 2017

That option sets nT using the consistency relation, so cannot be varied independently as well (X&ved=0ahUKEwiUjOmNn4nYAhVMJMAKHbHkD2cQ6AEIZDAH#v=onepage&q=inflation%20consistency%20relation%20tensor%20tilt&f=false" class="postlink">textbook).

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