modify the multipole range of the TT likelihoods

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Jaykumar Patel
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modify the multipole range of the TT likelihoods

Post by Jaykumar Patel » October 24 2017

I am having trouble changing my range of the multipole. I don't know which code needs to be changed?

Right now, I am reading

it states the following,

The ``clik_change_lrange`` allows users to change the lmin and lmax values of
the plik and commander likelihoods. This allows for the reproduction of the
tests performed on the hybridization multipole, and on the high-ell lmax
described in the Planck 2015 Likelihood paper.
clik_change_lrange input_clik lmin lmax output_clik
The script expects an input clik file, the new lmin and lmax and an output clik
file. The input file will not be modified. A value of -1 for lmin (or lmax)
directs the script not to modify the value. The lmin and lmax are targets.
The output file will have lmin and lmax as close as possible to those values,
given the available data and the binning scheme (for plik). They will be
displayed. The script will fail if the path ``output_clik`` already exists.

Note that the output clik file will be stripped of the information needed by
the automatic test. When using this new clik file, no test will be performed
during initialization.

I dont not know what this means. Can someone please help me?

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