New model parameters

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R Purnalingam
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New model parameters

Post by R Purnalingam » April 20 2017

We have new model(non-isotropic model) and its has 3 parameters.From my model I get contributions for both Cl and cll' .I have modified camb code for the contribution in cmbmain.f90, the following modules.

1.subroutine CalcScalCls(CTrans) for isotropic Cl
2. subroutine CalcScalCls2(CTrans) for non-isotropic Cll'

but I found only CalcScalCls(CTrans) data is generated as test_scalCls.dat and passed into cosmomc to fit the parameters.

As I also have contributions from Cll' .How do I generate Cll' data and how do I combine both files and pass into cosmomc to fit the parameters?

Is planck likelihood written only for isotropic Cls , If yes what likelihood should I use in my case?

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