Simplified LaTeX in posts

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Simplified LaTeX in posts

Post by CoffeePot » April 27 2005

CosmoCoffee will now interpret LaTeX embedded in posts with out any special marking. For example

Code: Select allp>

 The vector Va is ~ 10−10, but Ωtotal  10−2
 {}2 Y&;#123;lm} is spin 2. T is measured in μ\rm{K}2
  d x e&;#123;ikx}
will appear as

       The vector Va is ~ 10−10, but Ωtotal 10−2
       2 Ylm is spin 2. T is measured in μK2
       d x eikx

To enforce full tex processing you can use

Code: Select allp>

 $..$,  $$....$$, or [tex]...[/tex]
You are encouraged not to use the full latex processing unless you need to as the direct embedded processing is much faster (though less reliable).

Check the "Disable BBCode" box when you post to turn off this automatic processing. See the BBocode FAQ for more information.

If you find any problem with this please let us know.

Boud Roukema
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Simplified LaTeX in posts - test

Post by Boud Roukema » June 06 2005

The curvature radius of the Universe is at least as big as RC c \over H0 {1 \over \sqrt1-ΩΛ - Ωm} > ~ 10 h−1Gpc . Let's see if this works. :)

And the same thing with dollars: [tex]R_C \equiv {c \over H_0} {1 \over \sqrt{1-\Omega_\Lambda - \Omega_m}} > \sim 10 h^{-1}Gpc [/tex]

Well, right now the dollars version is needed for backslash-over to work. But nice to have anyway :).

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