Pretty movies

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Anze Slosar
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Pretty movies

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Anyone knows of a good site where one can get high-quality and high-prettiness movies of N-body simulations? I used to have one 130Mb uber movie from MPI showing cluster evolution in SZ, X-ray, baryons, etc, but I've lost it and now need something to replace it...
Sarah Bridle
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Pretty movies

Post by Sarah Bridle »

Good question.

This seems pretty good(!):

I would also love links to any other cosmology movies (for undergrad lectures or public talks).

So far I have lots of stuff on CMB from

Some nice supernova pics from

These are also quite fun
or even more hi-tech (with CMB in background and voice-over)

But would be v handy to have links to others.
Anne Green
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Pretty movies

Post by Anne Green »

Ben Moore's group in Zurich have various structure/galaxy formation movies:

As does Andrey Kravtsov:
Antony Lewis
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Re: Pretty movies

Post by Antony Lewis »

I don't have any N-body, but I just made a CMB animation showing the evolution of a primordial scale invariant spectrum until last scattering:

You can see the formation of structures on increasingly large scales as it evolves, and also the Silk damping washing out very small scale structure at late times.

(Technically it shows the CMB monopole source term in a comoving 2D box evolving linearly in conformal time; the box is about 1500MPc square. This is only loosely related to what we actually see at last scattering in reality, but gives some idea)

Having wasted a day and half making it, thought I'd at least share it!

Note: ImageMagick won't produce .avi files for PowerPoint. I used Animation Shop (from Paint Shop Pro) to convert.
Juerg Diemand
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Pretty movies

Post by Juerg Diemand »

I made some new movies recently, they show the formation of a galaxy dark matter halo at very high resolution:
See also for many other nice movies.
Aurelien Fraisse
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Re: Pretty movies

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Hi Sarah,
Sarah Bridle wrote:These are also quite fun
I can't get this link to work, but I think
is similar.

Herve Dole
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Pretty movies

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I also like this science/artistic approach of simulations at various scales
(includes LSS, galaxy mergers), useful if you just want an illustration:


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