About Cls' amplitude of tester.f90 in CAMB

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Maresuke Shiraishi
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About Cls'' amplitude of tester.f90 in CAMB

Post by Maresuke Shiraishi » April 18 2008


I wanted to Cls (TT and TE) values and compiled "tester.f90" in CAMB. Then all parameters were default values.
However, the result is that Cl_scalar(l,1,C_Temp)<0.4. I want to get Cls (the unit of [tex]mu K[/tex]), so how should I edit "tester.f90"? I would like to get the value [tex]l(l+1)Cls/2/pi < 10000[/tex] $mu K by running tester.f90 !!

I appreciate your advice in advance.

Maresuke Shiraishi

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