Benasque 2008 Workshop on Modern Cosmology

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Benasque 2008 Workshop on Modern Cosmology

Post by Wessel Valkenburg » March 14 2008

Dear cosmologists,

After the success of the 1st Benasque workshop on Modern Cosmology
held in August 2006, we wish again to bring together leading
international experts on both theoretical and observational aspects of
cosmology, within a particularly beautiful and inspiring atmosphere,
below the peak of Aneto, the highest point in the Pyrenees. The
workshop will be held from the 27th of July to the 14th of August
2008. The program will consist in a series of invited lectures and
discussion sessions, in order to leave plenty of time in the afternoon
for interactions and research, as well as for mountaineering. In the
evening, the spanish village of Benasque offers a warm and relaxing
atmosphere (lively restaurants, bars, ...).

Currently, the list of speakers includes Luca Amendola, Carlton M.
Baugh, Paolo de Bernardis, Stefano Borgani, Francois Bouchet, Marco
Bruni, Martin Bucher, Francisco Castander, Edmund Copeland, Martin
Crocce, Cedric Deffayet, Olivier Dore, Gus Evrard, Enrique Fernandez,
Pablo Fosalba, Carlos Frenk, Joshua Frieman, Jaume Garriga, Wayne Hu
(TBC), Steen Hannestad, Bhuvnesh Jain, Raul Jimenez, Rocky Kolb (TBC),
Vicent Martinez, Timothy Mckey, Ramon Miquel, Jordi Miralda Escude,
Mariano Moles, Ben Moore, Robert Nichol, Hiranya Peiris, Elena
Pierpaoli, Antonio Riotto, Dominik Schwarz, Roman Scoccimarro, Ravi
Seth, Glenn Starkman & Licia Verde.

The second workshop will differ from the first one mainly by a reduced
number of talks (maximum 2 or 3 per day), and the existence of a brand
new building built for the Benasque Center of Science, with improved
facilities and modern offices/desks for all participants.

All participants will be accommodated in hotel rooms or in nice
apartments managed by the Conference center (1, 2 or 3 bedroom
apartements available, for prices ranging approximately from 400 to
550 euros/week). Families are particularly welcomed, there will be no
extra charges for them. During the day, kids can enjoy the mountain
and the open-air swimming pool.

More details can be found at ... mology.htm

Online registration is opened from now till the 15th of April. The
number of participants is limited to one hundred. If by the 15th of
April too many applications have been received, the organizing
committee will make a selection and rapidly inform people of the
success of their application. Successful applicants will then be asked
for their accommodation preferences through an online accommodation

Hoping very much to see you in Benasque,

The organizing committee
A. Blanchard, J. Garcia-Bellido,
E. Gaztanaga, J. Lesgourgues

The scientific secretaries
D. G. Figueroa, W. Valkenburg

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