Constrained Base Parameters in CosmoMC

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Meir Shimon
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Constrained Base Parameters in CosmoMC

Post by Meir Shimon » July 03 2020

Dear All,

In a non-standard cosmological model two base parameters X and Y are theoretically constrained via the equation Y=F(X), where F is some simple
(and known) algebraic function (so X and Y cannot be independently drawn from their respective flat prior distributions) . Specifically, in my case Y is the spectral tilt of scalar perturbations, n_s, and X is the dark energy equation of state w. What is the best way to impose this theoretical constraint in CosmoMC ?

Any help with this matter (for a non-f90-expert) would be much appreciated.



Antony Lewis
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Re: Constrained Base Parameters in CosmoMC

Post by Antony Lewis » July 03 2020

You probably want to change the input parameters and edit TP_ParamArrayToTheoryParams in CosmologyParameterization.f90.

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