Cosmomc Clik_compute:Forward Error with EE

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Akhilesh Nautiyal(akhi)
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Cosmomc Clik_compute:Forward Error with EE

Post by Akhilesh Nautiyal(akhi) » September 23 2019


I am running cosmomc adding a new parameter. The programme is running fine but I am getting a message

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  Chain:0 drag accpt:  0.392441869     fast/slow   99.7411499     slow:       44373
 Chain:1 drag accpt:  0.390350789     fast/slow   99.8655319     slow:       44234
 Chain:3 drag accpt:  0.390274107     fast/slow   99.8365173     slow:       44224

      simall_lkl(../src/simall/clik_simall.c:48)::Error -1233 (multipole EE 29 too large (got 0.307382 expected <0.3))
I will be grateful if I can get some help to remove this error.

Karim Benabed
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Re: Cosmomc Clik_compute:Forward Error with EE

Post by Karim Benabed » September 25 2019

[math]Hi Akhilesh

The Planck low ell EE likelihood caused the error.
It is complaining because the power spectrum your explorer fed it is very weird and clearly out of the range of validity of the computation. If you look at Fig.8 of Planck 2018 V. you will notice that the EE spectrum and sims upon which the likelihood is based are of the order of a few hundredth [math] at [math], while the model you are exploring is ten times larger (the values quoted in the error are in[math]).

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