CAMB: Radiation transfer funktion T_l(k)

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Sven Lustig
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CAMB: Radiation transfer funktion T_l(k)

Post by Sven Lustig » July 26 2005

Dear Antony Lewis,

can you tell me, what I have to do to get the radiation transfer function T_l(k) from the CAMB-code and how is it defined there, like equation (6.197) in your dissertation?

Best wishes,

Sven Lustig

Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB: Radiation transfer funktion T_l(k)

Post by Antony Lewis » July 26 2005

If you look in CAMB.f90 you'll see the subroutine CAMB_GetTransfers taht you can call do get the C_l transfer functions. The routine CAMB_TransfersToPowers(CData) shows how you then go from the transfer functions to the power spectrum.

ComoMC is an example of a program which gets the transfer functions from CAMB this way. I think the code is the same as my thesis to with a possible constant numerical factor (like 1/4).

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