Lya data in CosmoMC

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Erick Almaraz
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Lya data in CosmoMC

Post by Erick Almaraz » February 03 2017

Hello everybody

I have some questions concerning Lya forest data:

i ) As far as I see, the latest release of CosmoMC (nov 2016) does not include any data about the Lya forest, specifically about Lya BAO measurements (I have found in the literature two measurements at z = 2.34 and z = 2.36). Is there any reason for that?

ii) Some time ago, when the JLA data were not included in CosmoMC, there was a special plugin so one can incorporate this information into the analysis (see ... html#sec−2). In a similar way, does anybody know if there is a plugin but for the Lya BAO measurements?

iii) Finally (and perhaps the most basic question), does anybody know if present state of the Lya forest data can provide reliable measurements of the BAO ratio?

Any orientation on these subjects will be appreciated

Antony Lewis
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Re: Lya data in CosmoMC

Post by Antony Lewis » February 03 2017

The latest results (1702.00176) only came out yesterday, and as yet AFAIK there's no CosmoMC file. However it would be fairly easy to make one, at least if you're prepared to assume a Gaussian error model.

Git pushes of new data files/module updates are always welcome..

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