compile CosmoMC error

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Ze Luan
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compile CosmoMC error

Post by Ze Luan » June 12 2016

I want to install CosmoMC and I have installed Fortran Compiler,Open MPI,CFITSIO, HEALPix, and building WMAP, Planck data. And I have edited the
source/Makefile and camb/Makefile.
But when I type "make" to compile ComoMC, I meet an error. What should I do?

Code: Select all

cd ./source && make cosmomc BUILD=MPI
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/limh/workspace/cosmomc/source'
mkdir -p ReleaseMPI
cd ../camb && \
	make --file=Makefile_main libcamb OUTPUT_DIR=ReleaseMPI \
	RECOMBINATION=recfast EQUATIONS=equations_ppf NONLINEAR=halofit_ppf
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/limh/workspace/cosmomc/camb'
mkdir -p ReleaseMPI
mpif90  -mkl -openmp -O3 -no-prec-div -fpp -xHost -DMPI -module ReleaseMPI -IReleaseMPI/ -c constants.f90 -o ReleaseMPI/constants.o
No underlying compiler was specified in the wrapper compiler data file
(e.g., mpicc-wrapper-data.txt)
make[2]: *** [ReleaseMPI/constants.o] Error 1
make[2]:Leaving directory `/home/limh/workspace/cosmomc/camb'
make[1]: *** [camb] Error 2
make[1]:Leaving directory `/home/limh/workspace/cosmomc/source'
make: *** [cosmomc] Error 2

Antony Lewis
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Re: compile CosmoMC error

Post by Antony Lewis » June 13 2016

Check your mpi settings as in

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