paramnames is missed inside

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Cosmo Xu
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paramnames is missed inside

Post by Cosmo Xu » October 08 2015

Hi Antony,

I'm using to process the sampled MCMC chains, I found that the label 'parameter_names' in *.ini file is not used at all, so that if I want to use the parameter names that I want, I will have to place the file_root.paramnames file together with the chains.

So I checked the contents inside, and made the following modifications, then everything is OK.

paramnames = ini.string('parameter_names', '')

# Create instance of MCSamples
if paramnames is not None:
print ('paramnames is not empty: %s'%(paramnames))
mc = MCSamples(in_root, files_are_chains=samples_are_chains, paramNamesFile=paramnames)
mc = MCSamples(in_root, files_are_chains=samples_are_chains)

Antony Lewis
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Re: paramnames is missed inside

Post by Antony Lewis » October 08 2015

Thanks, if possible please make an pull request on github at

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