CAMB:compute the CMB-LSS cross-correlation

Use of Healpix, camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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gongbo zhao
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CAMB:compute the CMB-LSS cross-correlation

Post by gongbo zhao » April 12 2005

Dear all:
Now I want to compute the CMB-LSS cross-correlation with CAMB.(i.e.<(\delta T / T)( \delta\rho/\rho)> .Any suggestions regarding the details when using CAMB ?

Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB:compute the CMB-LSS cross-correlation

Post by Antony Lewis » April 13 2005

The calculation is quite similar to the one CAMB does to compute the lensing potential power spectrum and its cross-correlation to the temperature.

You can edit the output routine in equations.f90 to change the third scalar source term appropriately: some combination of the matter perturbation amplitude with a window defined by your LSS source distribution. Then if you run with lensing turned on, the output in the C_l file will be your new power spectra instead of the lensing ones.

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