Workshop "Tests and theories of Lorentz symmetry violations"

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Workshop \"Tests and theories of Lorentz symmetry viola

Post by Giulia Gubitosi » January 23 2012

Tests and theories of Lorentz symmetry violations

March 2nd 2012,
Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics
Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot - APC

The workshop will focus on the theoretical issues related to violations of Lorentz invariance and its experimental constraints, emphasising cosmological and astrophysical tests. The purpose of this meeting is to gather experts from different areas to discuss the experimental challenges and the most striking phenomenological predictions emerging from different Lorentz symmetry-violating theoretical models.

Maxim Pospelov (Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada)
Giovanni Amelino Camelia (Università la Sapienza, Roma, Italy)
Joao Magueijo (Imperial College, London, U.K.)
Fabrizio Tamburini (Università di Padova, Italy)

The registration form and additional information can be found on the webpage: ... tions.html

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