Interacting Galaxies and Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous, April 2-5, 2012, Trieste (Italy)

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Interacting Galaxies and Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous

Post by Jorge Moreno » November 05 2011

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the SOC & LOC, I am glad to announce the workshop Interacting Galaxies and Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous, organized jointly by SISSA and ICTP, in Trieste (Italy). The dates are April 2-5, 2012 and the venue is the Kastler Lecture Hall, on the ICTP campus, next to the sea and a few steps from the Miramare Castle. Registration is now open with December 10, 2011 as the deadline. Please note than in order to keep this event intimate, the meeting will only 40-45 participants in total. Therefore, early registration is desirable. Applications from women, minorities and people from developing countries are particularly encouraged. For more details, please visit the conference website:

Interacting Galaxies and Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous.

Interacting galaxies are among the most spectacular events in the cosmos. They affect morphology and may funnel gas into the central regions, thereby triggering star formation and nuclear activity. Likewise, the discovery of binary quasars has accelerated to unprecedented levels in the last few years. The aim of this workshop is to bring together observers and theorists working on either interacting galaxies or binary quasars. By discussing these phenomena from diverse points of view, several interesting science questions will be addressed.

Trieste, Italy
April 2-5, 2012

December 10, 2011.

Monica Colpi, Francoise Combes, Deborah Dultzin, Tiziana Di Matteo, Sara Ellison, George Djorgovski, Julie Comerford, Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, Phil Hopkins, Lisa Kewley, Stefanie Komossa, Jennifer Lotz, Lucio Mayer, Adam Myers, Patricia Tissera, Marta Volonteri & Qingjuan Yu.

Please forward this announcement to your colleagues and anyone else potentially interested. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions ([Log in to view email])

Best regards,
Jorge Moreno

Note: This workshop is organized jointly by SISSA and ICTP, and it is funded entirely by SISSA Young Research Scientist Grant n. 638.

SOC: I. Aretxaga, V. Avila-Reese, A. Benson, J. Bullock, J. Cohn, M. Geller, Y. Krongold & J. Moreno.
LOC: G. de Lucia, A. Lapi, J. Moreno, P. Salucci & R. Sheth.

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