Berkeley CMB Lensing Workshop - April 21-23, 2011

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Berkeley CMB Lensing Workshop - April 21-23, 2011

Post by Eric Linder » February 24 2011

Berkeley CMB Lensing Workshop
April 21-23, 2011
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The gravitational lensing of the CMB is rapidly becoming a powerful cosmological tool. The main aim of this workshop is to bring together experts as well as enthusiasts in this emerging field, and discuss various cosmological aspects of this interesting signal, and its synergies with large scale structure surveys.

Main topics to be covered include:

CMB Lensing Basics (review talk)
Cosmological applications for CMB Lensing
Techniques for simulating CMB lensing
Techniques for extracting the CMB lensing signal
Contaminants and how to deal with them?
Cross correlation science with CMB Lensing
A status report of CMB lensing measurements with current data

The deadline for application is March 15, 2011.
Participation is limited due to space so please apply early.

S.O.C: Sudeep Das, Gil Holder, Eric Linder, Uros Seljak, George Smoot, David Spergel, Oliver Zahn

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