help with user specified probability distribution of galaxies in icosmo

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Augusta Abrahamse
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help with user specified probability distribution of galaxie

Post by Augusta Abrahamse » June 23 2010

I was wondering how to generate Cl's by specifying my own probability distribution of galaxies. (I see someone else has asked about this, but I haven't seen a response...) It looks like the code is already (somewhat) set up to do this, but I'm finding a few bugs. I don't know if someone has worked out the changes to make this run...?

To set things up I do the following:

; (1) set fiducial parameters:
; (2) create a survey structure:
sv=mk_survey(fid,'sv1',pz_input={z:zvals, pz:pzvals})

here zvals is a vector of z values and pzvals (for now) is a 2rowx401column matrix, (2 rows are the P(z) for each of two z bins and 401 is the length of the z vector):

This however crashes in at line 94:
"if keyword_set(pz_input) then d"

If I remove the "d" and combine line 94 with line 95 as:
"if keyword_set(pz_input) then pz=mk_pz(z,dndztype,dndzp,dndzz, n_g=n_g, z_med=z_med, z_min=z_min ,z_max=z_max ,pz_input=pz_input)"

then mk_pz will be called, but various errors keep it from running... I was wondering if someone might have debugged this portion of the code between 2008 (the date in the release) and now. Or is there another way of using this option?

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