CAMB: Reionization maximum redshift

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David Parkinson
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CAMB: Reionization maximum redshift

Post by David Parkinson » February 17 2009

In the CAMB reionization module there is a maximum redshift that reionization can occur, which is set to 40. Is this constant arbitrary (to allow for a quick convergance in computing the details of reionization), or is there some important consequences for the details of the calculation if its value were to be increased (say to 60)?

A previous post on the matter ( indicated it would not be a serious matter if it was changed, but I was wondering if anyone had tried changing it before, and what happened.


Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB: Reionization maximum redshift

Post by Antony Lewis » February 20 2009

I think you should be able to change it OK (within reason).

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