Problem with CAMB for curved models

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Roberto Trotta
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Problem with CAMB for curved models

Post by Roberto Trotta » May 08 2006


I'm using the March 06 version of cosmomc and I run into a strange
error when running curved Universes with mpk = T (and it does not matter whether non-linear corrections are included or not)

The modules.f90 complains that

'Transfer_GetMatterPower: kh out of computed region'

Clearly a problem in setting the min value of k, but I don't know why
this should specifically arise in the curved case. The flat case does
not seem to have this problem.

Anybody has had this problem before?

Antony Lewis
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Re: Problem with CAMB for curved models

Post by Antony Lewis » May 08 2006

I fixed a bug with non-flat and LSS in the May 06 version - this is probably it. (problem caused because for very closed models some of the largest scales were outside the curvature radius; now these are just set to zero)

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