cmbeasy: new binary installer for MacOSX

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Michael Doran
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cmbeasy: new binary installer for MacOSX

Post by Michael Doran » November 02 2005


Markus Bongard asked me to post this here. Thanks to Markus for writing the installer!

A CMBEASY 4.1 binary installer for MacOSX
(10.3 or higher) is available in the Qt.3.3
program download-section on
The cmbeasy binary is compiled against the
native version of Trolltech's Qt 3.3.5 for the
MacOSX, and does not need X-Windows to
run. The direct download link is:

as mentioned above, to run this version of
cmbeasy Qt/Mac 3.3.x must
be installed. Depending on the MacOSX
version you use , and depending
on additional requirements. a "mini"mal or
"full" Qt/Mac 3.3.5-Iinstaller package for
either MacOSX 10.3.x or 10.4.x are available
on the ATG-website .
To use cmbeasy directly from the finder,
please follow the instructions in the ReadMe
included with the installation.

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