ICG Summer Workshop: "Higher Order Statistics in Cosmology" on July 20th 2007

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ICG Summer Workshop: \"Higher Order Statistics in Cosmo

Post by Cristiano Sabiu » April 23 2007


We are happy to announce our 3rd annual summer workshop on "Higher Order Statistics in Cosmology" on July 20th at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG) at the University of Portsmouth. This one-day workshop follows on from previous topical workshops on "Surveys of Dark Energy" (in 2005) and "Galaxy Redshift Surveys of the Future" (in 2006).

The workshop will focus on the application of higher order statistics in cosmology, including the use of n-point correlation functions in quantifying the galaxy distribution, searches for non-gaussianity in the CMB and constraining the higher order terms present in gravitational lensing. We will also cover the theoretical sources of such higher-order correlations and statistics.

Speakers so far include; Peter Coles (overview), Sarah Bridle, Bjöern Malte Schäfer, Carlton Baugh, Roman Scoccimarro (TBC), Istvan Szapudi, Stephane Colombi, Luis Teodoro, Anthony Banday and Enrique Gaztanaga. There will also be time for contributed talks from participants (see registration form).

Please visit our website to register for the workshop (maximum of 50 participants given on a "first-come, first served" basis). There is no conference fee or published workshop proceedings, although talks will be on the web as with other years. See website for travel details.


A free lunch and coffee will be provided.

Please forward this announcement to any interested colleagues, students & postdocs, and the rest of your department/institute. Many thanks.


Bob Nichol, Cris Sabiu, Bjöern Schäfer (LOC)

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