22nd IAP Colloquium, Inflation +25

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22nd IAP Colloquium, Inflation +25

Post by Jerome Martin » October 20 2005

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to announce the 22nd IAP colloquium celebrating the
25th anniversary of inflationary cosmology, to be held at the Institut
d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP), from Monday June 26 to Friday June 30
2006. The meeting will be followed by a two week workshop from Monday
July 3 to Thursday July 13 2006. Further information can be found at
the following URL:


Registration will be opened from Monday December 5 to Friday April
15. Note that, for security reasons, the number of registrations is
limited to 130 so late registrations might be problematic.

Looking forward to seeing you in Paris,
Jerome Martin (IAP)

Ps: Could you please forward this announcement to anyone likely to be
interested. We apologize if you receive this message more than once.

Preliminary Program and plenary speakers:

Monday 26: Foundations of the inflation paradigm

* History of inflation theory: A. Guth (+)
* Basis of theoretical inflation: A. Linde
* Inflationary Cosmological Perturbations: V. Mukhanov
* Reheating in post-inflation universe: L. Kofman

Tuesday 27: Detailed models

* Inflation models in high energy particle physics: D. Lyth
* Inflation in string theory: R. Kallosh
* Stochastic Inflation: A. Starobinsky
* Eternal Inflation & quantum cosmology: A. Vilenkin

Wednesday 28: Observational aspects

* Inflation after WMAP: H. Peiris
* Inflation, Large Scale Structure and Ly-alpha: U. Seljak
* The Planck mission: S. Prunet

Thursday 29: Other aspects of inflation theory

* Non-gaussian statistics of perturbations: A. Riotto
* Many-field inflation and non-adiabatic perturbations: D. Wands
* Production of topological defects at the end of inflation: M. Sakellariadou
* Open questions on the inflation scenario: R. Brandenberger

Friday 29: Discussions

* Alternative models: N. Turok
* General discussion on theoretical aspects.
Chairperson: R. Durrer
* Observational perspective (CMBPOL/EPIC, BBO): A. Cooray
* General discussion on observational aspects: Is inflation falsifiable?
Chairperson: F. Bouchet
* Conclusions: E. Kolb

+ To be confirmed

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