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Beyond General Relativity, Beyond Cosmological Standard Model, Warsaw, 1-5 July

Posted: April 10 2019
by Chunshan Lin
Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to participate in the one-week conference titled

"Beyond General Relativity, Beyond Cosmological Standard Model".

The conference will be held at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, from 1st July to 5th July 2019. This conference aims at bringing together top researchers in the field to present recent breakthroughs, discuss on what we have learnt and what challenges we are still facing. The focus of this event involves several interrelated areas, from fundamental gravity theory through cosmology to new physics beyond standard model of particle physics. It includes, but not limited to:

(1) Physics of Primordial Universe; (2) Modified Gravity Theories; (3) Cosmological Constant Problem, Dark energy; (4) Dark matter, Baryon asymmetry; (5) Black Hole Physics; (6) CMB and Large Scale Structure; (7) Gravitational Waves;

The registration of this conference has opened, and the website of our conference can be found at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: [Log in to view email] (c.c [Log in to view email])

See you in Warsaw in this summer!

Best Regards

Chunshan Lin
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw