3rd CosKASI conference, “The Correlated Universe”, April 22-27 2019, South Korea

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3rd CosKASI conference, “The Correlated Universe”, April 22-27 2019, South Korea

Post by David Parkinson » January 21 2019

Plenary Speakers: Stefano Camera, Giulia Cusin, Enrique Gaztañaga, James Jee, Donghui Jeong, Elisabeth Krause, Martin Kunz, Ofer Lahav, Hyung Mok Lee, Changbom Park, Alexandre Refregier, Marcelle Soares-Santos, Atsushi Taruya

The current concordance cosmological model is built on a combination from a number of different sources: the CMB, standard candles and rulers, the large-scale structure etc. As different types of survey data become available for overlapping areas of the sky, the correlations can be measured between different cosmological observables, which represent both problems and opportunities for testing the cosmological model. Some examples of cross-correlations include galaxy-galaxy lensing, time-delay between GW events and the electromagnetic counterpart, higher-order correlations between density fluctuations (non-Gaussianity), time-lag in the of continuum- and line-emission of quasars (reverberation mapping), the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect, and others.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers who worked on different predictions and analysis of cross-correlations between cosmological datasets, and discuss the opportunities that current and future data represent, as well as the sharing of ideas and techniques. This will be a focussed workshop, with invited and submitted presentations, as well as adequate time for discussion.

The meeting will be April 22-27, 2019, at the KAL hotel, Seogwipo, on Jeju island, South Korea. A website is now available for the conference here. The number of participants is limited to 60, so unfortunately we may not be able to accept everyone who would like to come. We ask interested participants to register now. Registration payments will only be due after final confirmation of places, which will be done after March 31st, 2019.

We look forward to seeing you in Jeju.

on behalf of the scientific organising committee:
David Parkinson (chair), Tamara Davis, Ruth Durrer, Jinn-Ouk Gong, Alexie Leauthaud, Eric Linder, Misao Sasaki, Arman Shafieloo, Yong-Seon Song and Mark Trodden

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