CosmoCruise2019: Venice, Augist 18-25, 2019

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CosmoCruise2019: Venice, Augist 18-25, 2019

Post by jose diego » October 16 2018

We are organizing a conference on Cosmology between August 18-25, 2019, starting (and ending) in Venice. The conference will cover the following topics: Inflation, Theory, Primordial Black Holes, CMB, Reionization, Large Scale Structure, N-body simulations, Gravitational Waves, Gravitational Lensing, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy Formation, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Alternative Models to LCDM. Details of the conference can be found on the conference website.

This is the second time we organize a conference with this novel format (you can check our first conference here Due to the peculiar format of the conference, early registration is highly recommended (first deadline for abstract submission is December 1st). The conference will provide an stimulating environment to promote discussion of the latest topics in Cosmology. We would appreciate if you can advertise the conference among your colleagues.

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