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\"The Universe as a Quantum Lab\" workshop - Pari

Posted: March 09 2018
by Vincent Vennin ... b2018/home

The early Universe offers exciting possibilities to test the quantum theory in a different regime than the one probed in conventional labs, and learn more about its foundations, applicability, relation to gravity, and potential limits.
The workshop "The Universe as a Quantum Lab" will bring together worldwide experts of Quantum Mechanics on one hand, and Cosmology on the other hand, in order to stimulate discussions around questions such as: "Were the beginnings of the Universe truly quantum and is it possible to prove it?" "How did the Universe transit from a quantum to a classical state?" "Can alternatives to the standard view about Quantum Mechanics be tested by cosmological observations?" "Do they shed different light on the physics of the early Universe and its transition towards a classical state?"

Angelo Bassi (University of Trieste)
Jérôme Martin (IAP Paris)
Vincent Vennin (APC Paris)