The Second Information Universe Conference, Groningen, Netherlands, 3-6 July 2018

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The Second Information Universe Conference, Groningen, Nethe

Post by Rees Williams » February 01 2018

The Second Information Universe Conference

After a successful first Information Universe Conference in 2015 we are pleased to announce that the second IU conference will take place 3-6 July 2018 in Groningen.


The key topic of the IU conference series is: “What is the role of information in the Universe and its description?â€. In an epoch where scientists need to handle Big Data and simulations, find highly organized systems in nature and grapple with the role of information in physics and other sciences, this appears to be one of the more fundamental questions that needs to be answered in order to understand the world around us. The Information Universe conference intends to unite various approaches, addressing the fundamental role of information both in nature (in vivo) and in data analysis, theory and computer modeling (in vitro). The conference will approach the key role of information from the point of view of several disciplines: e.g. cosmology, physics, mathematics, life sciences, computer science (including quantum computing) and neuroscience.

The conference will be held in the new 260 seats planetarium theatre in Groningen, which provides an inspiring immersive 3D full dome display, e.g. numerical simulations of the formation of our Universe, and anything else our presenters wish to bring in. The digital planetarium setting will be used to visualize the theme with modern media.

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