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HEP/Cosmology tools online bootcamp

Posted: October 06 2017
by Djuna Croon
Dartmouth College and TRIUMF invite you to a pedagogical series of (webinar) lectures and tutorials on commonly used tools for particle physics and cosmology. This bootcamp is aimed at PhD/early post doc level.

The series will include:

Tool (Speaker)
CAMB/CosmoMC (Antony Lewis, Daniel Grin)
CLASS (Julien Lesgourgues)
LoopTools/FeynArts/FormCalc (Thomas Hahn)
Pythia (Stephen Mrenna)
Sherpa (Stefan Hoeche)
CalcHEP (Alexander Belyaev)
Micromegas (Alexander Belyaev, Alexander Pukhov)
SARAH (Florian Staub)
GAMBIT (Anders Kvellestad, Jonathan Cornell)
RECFAST (Douglas Scott)
MadAnalysis (Benjamin Fuks)
FeynRules (Benjamin Fuks)

Dates: October 23rd - October 27th.


Schedule, how to participate, and sign-up: