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Conference \"Theoretical Cosmology in the Era of Large

Posted: April 06 2016
by Giovanni Marozzi2
Dear Colleagues,
we are glad to announce the conference related to our long term workshop
''Theoretical Cosmology in the Era of Large Surveys (GGI, Florence, 21/03-13/05/2016): ... inc&id=217

The conference will give an overview on the main topics discussed during the workshop. There is no registration fees and coffee breaks and lunches will be offered by GGI, on the other hand the maximum number of participants is limited to 80 and the inscription will be closed as soon as this limited capacity will be reached. The major part of the talks will be by invitation, but there will be some space also for a number of contribute talks (please write title and abstract in the Comments field of the registration form).

Preliminary list of Plenary Speakers:

Abramo Raul
Achucarro Ana
Bartolo Nicola
Blas Diego
Clarkson Chris
Creminelli Paolo
Davis Anne-Christine
Dimastrogiovanni Emanuela
Fasiello Matteo
Fornego Nicolao
Hu Bin
Hui Lam
Jimenez Raul
Langlois David
Maartens Roy
Martins Carlos
Mottola Emil
Peter Patrick
Senatore Leonardo*
Silvestri Alessandra
Skordis Constantinos
Starobinsky Alexei
Tasinato Gianmassimo
Vernizzi Filippo

*To be confirmed