School+Workshop on LSS and Galaxy Formation; IUCAA Pune, 1-12 Feb 2016

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School+Workshop on LSS and Galaxy Formation; IUCAA Pune, 1-1

Post by Aseem Paranjape » August 15 2015

Dear colleagues,

We are organising a School+Workshop at IUCAA, Pune during 1-12 February 2016, with the theme “Large Scale Structure: From Galaxies to the Cosmic Webâ€.

The School (meant for advanced PhD students and postdocs) will be during 1-8 Feb, with the idea of exposing the participants to a holistic picture of structure formation through topics such the growth of cosmological large scale structure and the cosmic web, galaxy formation and evolution, physics of the inter-galactic medium and the connection between large scale structure and galaxy evolution, along with an introduction to observational probes, large volume surveys, etc. This will be followed by a more advanced Workshop during 9-12 Feb focusing on the latest developments in these fields, particularly in the context of upcoming instruments such as Euclid, the SKA, TMT etc.

This event is being organised as an `Outside Activity’ of ICTP (Trieste) and is co-sponsored by IUCAA and NCRA (Pune). The last date for registration is September 20, 2015. Further information regarding contact details, registration procedure, etc. can be found at .

The number of participants will be limited to about 40 for the School and about 60 for the Workshop.

Tirthankar Roy Choudhury (NCRA, Pune)
Vincent Desjacques (Uni. Geneva)
Aseem Paranjape (IUCAA, Pune)
Ravi K. Sheth (U. Penn)

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