Workshop on Multi-scale Modelling for LSS at ICTP Trieste, 12-15 May 2015

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Workshop on Multi-scale Modelling for LSS at ICTP Trieste, 1

Post by Aseem Paranjape » January 25 2015

Dear colleagues,

We are organising a Workshop with the theme of Multi-scale Modelling for Large Scale Structure at ICTP Trieste during 12-15 May 2015.

The idea behind this Workshop is to bring together and foster discussion between groups that use similar analytical, numerical and statistical tools for the Large-Scale Structure but in different settings which together span multiple cosmological epochs.

The Workshop sessions will be structured around specific cosmological applications involving large galaxy surveys, epoch of reionization, Lyman alpha forest, HI intensity mapping, voids, the role of baryonic physics in cosmology, etc. In keeping with the over-arching theme, we also plan to have several review level talks aimed at a broad audience and focusing on the tools themselves (including the halo model and excursion set formalism, numerical simulations, semi-analytic techniques for galaxy evolution and 21cm, statistical methods for large volume surveys, etc).

The last date for registration is 20th February, 2015. Further information regarding contact details, registration procedure, etc. can be found at

The Workshop will be followed by the First ICTP Advanced School on Cosmology (


Andrei Mesinger (SNS, Pisa)
Aseem Paranjape (IUCAA, Pune)
Emiliano Sefusatti (INAF-Brera, Milan)

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