CosmoCruise2015. 1st announcement

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CosmoCruise2015. 1st announcement

Post by jose diego » July 14 2014


At the Edge of Discovery
Mediterranean Sea, September, 2015

Dear Friend,
In September 2015 (final dates still to be determined), there will be a conference on
Cosmology with a focus on Theory, CMB, LSS, Inflation, Lensing, Re-ionization, ... but also with important contributions from astrophysics with implications for Cosmology. Confirmed SOC members include M. Bucher, J. Carlstrom, A. Cooray, J.M. Diego, B. Jain, W. Kinney, J. Khoury, E. Komatsu, A. Liddle, R. Mandolessi, A. Refregier, S. Sarkar, D. Scott, J. Silk, A. Starobinski, R. Sunyaev, & M. Zaldarriaga.

If you are interested in attending the conference, the pre-registration is now open. To pre-register, visit the conference web-page at

By pre-registering, we will be able to inform you directly once the final registration opens and the status of the conference. Also, keep in mind that the maximum number of participants will be limited so pre-registration is highly reccomended to be informed once registration opens. We will follow a strict first-come-first-served policy once registration opens.

While filling the pre-registration you can indicate your preference for the conference dates (early or late September 2015). The conference price will depend on the chosen dates and total number of attendants. Please, help us distribute this meassage by passing it on to any colleague you think might be interested in attending this conference.

Best regards,


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