The 18th Paris Cosmology Colloquium Chalonge 2014

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The 18th Paris Cosmology Colloquium Chalonge 2014

Post by Hector de Vega » April 05 2014

Title: "Latest News from the Universe: LambdaWDM,
CMB, Warm Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Neutrinos
and Sterile Neutrinos".

Dates: Wednesday 23, Thursday 24 and Friday 25 JULY 2014,

Place: Observatoire de Paris, Batiment Perrault, Paris 14.


Registration is open. Deadline for Registrations: 1st JUNE 2014

Early Registration is strongly encouradged:


The new Dark Matter situation today: Warm dark
Matter (WDM) and the new early universe
situation today: BICEP2, CMB polarisation,
primordial gravitational waves, inflation. The
crisis of Cold Dark Matter (CDM) + (baryonic
cures), the crisis of Wimps and their decline.

Recently, Warm (keV scale) Dark Matter emerged
impressively over CDM (Cold Dark Matter) as the
leading Dark Matter candidate. Astronomical
evidence that Cold Dark Matter (CDM) and its
proposed tailored baryonic cures do not work at
galactic and small scales is staggering. WDM
solves naturally the problems of CDM and agrees
remarkably well with the observations at galactic
and small scales as well as large and cosmological scales.

In the context of this new situation, which
implies novelties in the astrophysical,
cosmological, particle physics and nuclear
physics context, the 18th Paris Colloquium 2014
is devoted to the Latest News from the Universe.
The Colloquium addresses as well the theory and
experimental search for the WDM particle physics
candidates: keV sterile neutrinos. Astrophysical
constraints including sterile neutrino decays
points the sterile neutrino mass m around 2 keV or nearly larger.

In summary, the aim of the meeting is to put
together real data : cosmological, astrophysical,
particle, nuclear physics data, and hard theory
predictive approach connected to them in the
framework of the Warm Dark Matter Standard Model
of the Universe with the CMB, dark energy,
inflation, neutrinos and sterile neutrinos.

Previous School Courses, Lectures and Lecturers, Album of Pictures are
available at this URL :

With compliments and kind regards

Norma G. Sanchez, Héctor J. de Vega

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