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Chalonge Meudon Workshop 2013

Posted: April 08 2013
by Hector de Vega
Chalonge Meudon Workshop 2013
"Warm Dark Matter Galaxies in Agreement with Observations: Formation and Evolution"

Location: Meudon Castle-CIAS , Observatoire de Paris at Meudon , France

Dates: 4-8 June 2013


SUMMARY: The Workshop addresses the last and fast progresses made in Warm Dark Matter (WDM). Galaxies in agreement with observations including the new quantum mechanical framework to galaxy structure reproducing in particular the observed galaxy density cores and their sizes. Warm Dark Matter solves naturally the serious problems of Cold Dark Matter Galaxies, (CDM+ baryons), clarifies and simplifies the present galaxy model situation and agrees with the observations at small as well as large scales and cosmological scales. This turning point in the galaxy research and the new unifying WDM framework of stars, galaxies and cosmology will be discussed. The Workshop addresses on laboratory
experiments on active and sterile neutrinos as well as
the satellite search of sterile neutrinos and on astrophysical constraints
on active and sterile neutrinos including theWDM particle candidate keV sterile neutrino.

In the tradition of the Chalonge School, an effort of clarification and
synthesis is made by combining in a conceptual framework,
predictive theory, analytical, observational and numerical simulation results.

The Meeting is open to all scientists interested in the subject. Advanced
students, post-docs, young scientists are encouradged to
participate. The format of the Meeting is intended to allow easy and
fruitful mutual contact and communication.

Early Registration is strongly encouraged.