TALK SLIDES for Interacting Galaxies & Binary Quasars conference in Trieste (April 2-5, 2012)

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TALK SLIDES for Interacting Galaxies & Binary Quasars co

Post by Jorge Moreno » April 16 2012

Dear colleagues,

Please visit: for the slides (pdf) of the talks delivered at the conference Interacting Galaxies & Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous, held in Trieste back in April 2-5, 2012. Please see the program, where all the talks are listed, with links to abstracts, etc. Each participant also has an "abstract" page, where you may find additional links, such as simulation movies, websites and relevant papers.

Lastly, I should mention that this is the first conference where the subject of binary quasars is one of the main themes. This event nearly coincides with the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the first binary quasar [Djorgovski et. al., ApJ, 321, L17 (1987)]. Moreover, I wish to mention that 2/3 of the invited speakers are female, making this meeting unprecedented in the history of astronomy! Please visit for recent statistics compiled by the AAS Committee on the Status of Women.

On behalf of the SOC & LOC, and all the speakers, I hope you enjoy all the exciting results presented at this meeting. Do not hesitate to send the above link to any colleagues who might be interested.

Best regards,
Jorge Moreno

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