AI goes MAD^2, Madrid, October 14-16, 2024

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AI goes MAD^2, Madrid, October 14-16, 2024

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Dear all,

We are happy to announce the second iteration of the 3-day workshop on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, “AI goes MAD” at the Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT):

The workshop will be held during October 14th-16th 2024, at the facilities of the IFT on the campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), in Madrid, Spain, more info here.

Plenary speakers:
Carol Cuesta-Lazaro (IAIFI/MIT)
Marylou Gabrié (École Polytechnique, CMAP)
Cecilia Garrafo (Harvard)
Mario Krenn (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light)
Savannah J. Thais (Columbia)
Andrea Wulzer (IFAE)

Due to capacity limits at the venue, attendance to the workshop is limited to 50 people max.

There is a registration fee of 100€, which includes access to the venue, the coffee-breaks, and the social dinner. The payment of the fee will be made after the selection of the submitted abstracts (around early July) and only by the accepted participants, who will be notified directly by email with instructions on how to make the payment.

The deadline to register and submit an abstract for the parallel sessions is June 30th 2024, while the window to make the fee payment after the abstract selection is July 1 - July 15th 2024.

For information/details contact me in private at

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