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"Juan de la Cierva" postdoc positions at IFT UAM-CSIC. Expressions of interest requested for applications.

Posted: December 20 2020
by Guillermo Ballesteros
The IFT UAM-CSIC requests expressions of interest for applying to the "Juan de la Cierva (JdC)” postdoctoral scheme of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

There are two variants, with the following eligibility conditions.

- JdC-Formación: 2-year postdocs for candidates with PhD thesis defended during 2019 and 2020.

- JdC-Incorporación: 3-year postdocs for candidates with PhD thesis defended during 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Applicants need the sponsorship of an IFT researcher for applying to these positions. The number of applications that can be submitted through IFT is limited, so a preselection of candidates is required. Interested researchers are invited to provide a CV, before Jan 6, 2021, via the webforms:

JdC-Formación expression of interest:

JdC-incorporacion expression of interest:

The deadlines for completing the application (for the pre-selected candidates) are: January 28 ("Formación") and 26 ("Incorporación").

Prospective candidates may contact any IFT researcher for further information: