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Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Sussex

Posted: November 18 2014
by Antony Lewis
One (or possibly more) postdoc positions in cosmology to start Autumn 2015 (negotiable). Please see

Of particular interest are applicants to work with to work with either Antony Lewis or David Seery in the field of theoretical and numerical cosmology, but outstanding applications will be considered in any relevant area. Deadline: 2 January 2015

Cosmology faculty at Sussex include Chris Byrnes, Antony Lewis, David Seery, Robert Smith, Peter Coles, Ilian Iliev and Mike Hindmarsh. This job in an opportunity to join the existing vibrant group of eight cosmology postdocs, plus many more in related fields of astronomy and high energy physics. Sussex is located in the lively city of Brighton on the south coast of the UK, about one hour from London.