Seven postdoctoral positions at the Oskar Klein Centre in Stockholm

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Seven postdoctoral positions at the Oskar Klein Centre in St

Post by Ariel Goobar » November 01 2013

The Oskar Klein Centre at Stockholm University has funding from the Swedish Research Council for a long-term programme addressing fundamental questions about the universe. It currently also has postdoc funding from the Department of Physics, and the Wallenberg Foundation. The Centre is located at AlbaNova campus in Stockholm which houses research groups from Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology. In the Oskar Klein Centre theoretical, experimental, and observational research is performed. The scientific profile of the Centre includes activities related to dark matter, dark energy, extreme objects (including transient objects such as supernovae, merger of compact objects and GRBs), structure formation (including reionization and galaxy formation/evolution) and related particle physics questions, including LHC-based studies. The programme particularly emphasizes the interaction between these fields of activity and profits from the rich and stimulating research environment comprising theoretical physics and astrophysics as well as a large range of observational and experimental research programmes. Theory activites at the Centre include physics of supernovae and compact mergers, particle and astroparticle phenomenology, cosmology, neutrino theory, theory of gravitation and string theory.

The Centre is now announcing several two-year postdoctoral positions, "Oskar Klein Fellowships". We are looking for Fellows in all the fields of activities at the Oskar Klein Centre. See the web page for a description of the areas of particular interest. In the beginning of your application state the number(s) of the position(s) where your application is most appropriate. Deadline for applications is December 2, 2013.

For general information you may also contact the research director of the Oskar Klein Centre, Lars Bergström ([Log in to view email]) or its vice director, Claes Fransson ([Log in to view email]).

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